Volunteering helps sustain the circle of giving that keeps our community vibrant and healthy. There is nothing more valuable than a person’s time and for that we are thankful to all of our volunteers! We strive to involve people of our community at every level of service from helping with events to serving on committees. Currently, more than 400 people offer their time and expertise to the Community Foundation. The thoughtful ideas of citizens – teachers, business people, homemakers, retirees, teens, trades people, artists and others – are what put “community” in community foundation.

Volunteer opportunities at the Community Foundation include:

  • Grantmaking – decision-making on disbursement of grant dollars to support areas such as the arts, health, seniors, neighborhoods;
  • Scholarships – interviewing and selecting many eligible recipients for scholarship awards;
  • Fund Development – helping to educate people on the many available opportunities in our community and expanding philanthropy throughout the community – not just BCCF;
  • Youth – participating in youth activities, grantmaking for youth programming in the community, participation on BCCF’s Board of Trustees and other committees, among many other youth opportunities;
  • Finance & Investments – providing expertise on being good stewards of the community’s charitable dollars;
  • And many other opportunities!

Becoming a Volunteer

To become a volunteer, please fill out this form for consideration. For more information about volunteer opportunities within BCCF, please contact Joann Farnham at (269) 962-2181 or email joann@bccfoundation.org.

32 West Michigan Avenue, Suite 1  Battle Creek, Michigan 49017 p: (269) 962-2181 f: (269) 962-2182

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