Neighborhood Grants

Neighborhood Grants are a tool that groups of residents can use to help make their neighborhood or community a better place to live. A grant is simply a donation of money to a group by the Community Foundation for the purpose of helping them turn a vision into reality. The Community Foundation has been providing funding opportunities for residents to improve lives in their neighborhoods for over eight years. Recently, the program has been redesigned and streamlined to make the application process easier and faster. Priority will be given to projects which target one or more of our strategic focus areas.

Who can apply for a Neighborhood Grant?

Any group of residents who live in the greater Battle Creek area and who share a vision for improving their neighborhood can receive a Neighborhood Grant.

What is a "neighborhood?"

For the purposes of the grant program, a “neighborhood” can be as small as a block or street, as large as the whole city, or anything in between.

How much can my group apply for?

The amount of grant money available varies with the size of your project and its impact on the community. Neighborhood Grants are grouped into three levels.

  • Small Things Matter ($250 and under)
  • Engage in Change ($250 to $1,000)
  • Community Engagement (over $1,000)

The Small Things Matter and Engage in Change levels feature shorter applications and a quicker decision on whether the grant is awarded.

What is the deadline for application?

Applications are accepted on a monthly basis. The deadline for each month is the first business day of the month.

How does my group get a grant?

Applicants seeking a Neighborhood Grant follow these three steps:

1. Contact the Community Foundation
Our staff wants to hear about your program and help guide you throught the application process. Contact the grant staff at (269) 962-2181.

2. Completing the Application
Your group plans your project and describes it in detail in the application.

3. Meeting the Committee
You may be invited to meet with a committee of volunteer residents that make decisions regarding funding. There you will have a chance to describe your project and vision in person. The committee reviews your application prior to the meeting and asks any questions they may have before making a final funding decision. The committee meets on a bi-monthly basis. The latest schedule of monthly orientations, application submission deadlines, and committee meeting dates are available upon request.

4. Deadlines

Questions can be directed to the grants staff at (269)962-2181 or by email at bccf@bccfoundation.org.

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