Memorial & Honorary Gifts

Memorial gifts are a special way to keep your loved one’s memory and legacy alive. Honorarium gifts celebrate lives while the honoree is still able to see the resulting work being done in the community. These gifts can touch many people by providing a variety of community needs, from health care and food to education and youth engagement.


When a loved one dies, we are faced with a painful loss and a multitude of decisions, including how to remember and honor the difference that this special person made in the lives of those around him or her. View memorial tributes: Memorial Tributes


Birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and retirements are part of a long list of special events and reasons for honoring someone with a gift that lasts a lifetime and beyond. View honorarium tributes: Honorarium Tributes

How it Works

These special gifts are easy to make. You can establish a new fund or have gifts directed to an existing fund, whichever is the most appropriate for your situation. It takes just one phone call to the Community Foundation – we keep the process simple, provide quick service, and finalize the details when you are ready. We provide personalized donation cards and deliver them to the funeral home or directly to you for special events.

The Remember Our Children Fund and Angelcheeks Foundation Fund may be used as a memorial to remember your loved one. When a gift is made to either of these two funds in memory of an individual, the individual’s name will be included in the ongoing memorial tributes that have been established for each fund.

If you have questions about memorial or honorary gifts, please call the development department at (269) 962-2181.

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