For years, the Battle Creek Community Foundation was known as the community’s best kept secret. The Ambassador Program was begun to help spread the word about the special opportunities available at the Community Foundation.

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What Ambassadors Do

Ambassadors spread the word – at their own pace and comfort level – about the opportunities available at the Battle Creek Community Foundation and throughout the community. Ambassadors become involved with BCCF in a number of ways, including (but not limited to):

  • Volunteering on a committee, or for one-time events
  • Opening a new endowment fund
  • Completing will/estate planning, naming BCCF as a beneficiary
  • Inviting others to get involved in the Ambassador Program

Ambassador Trainings are held at local nonprofit organizations so that Ambassadors can learn about the nonprofit landscape in our community. Whatever each individual Ambassador’s initial involvement, they all continue to spread the word about the opportunities available in our community.

Becoming an Ambassador

Becoming an Ambassador is easy – attend two trainings and you receive your official BCCF Ambassador pin. A training consists of a lunch or dinner at a local organization in the Battle Creek community, where attendees learn about the facility and the activities of the organization.

Due to the significant growth of the program, the Community Foundation created a second tier – the Jeweled Ambassadors. Official BCCF Ambassadors can work in the community to earn up to five jewels for their pin. An Ambassador with all five jewels is a BCCF Royal Ambassador. A Jewel Passport has been created so that Ambassadors can keep track of the criteria completed to earn their jewels. Jewel Passport Recognition document

An Ambassador recognition event is held annually as a way to thank our Ambassadors. Dinner is served with a short program, and attendees have fun participating in the year’s unique theme. More than 300 people are currently participating in the Ambassador Program.

For more information, or to get involved in our Ambassador Program, call the development department at (269) 962-2181.

32 West Michigan Avenue, Suite 1  Battle Creek, Michigan 49017 p: (269) 962-2181 f: (269) 962-2182

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