Organizational Endowment

Thank you for Establishing an Organizational Endowment Fund at
the Battle Creek Community Foundation!

By establishing an endowment fund at BCCF you are effectively:

• Demonstrating to existing or potential donors your organization’s security, stability, and long-range financial planning, in order to attract more gifts, through bequests and other planned giving vehicles

• Benefiting from the professional assistance available at BCCF and the involvement of professional advisors, attorneys, and accountants, who share their special expertise in recommending charitable gifts for prospective donors through BCCF 

• Optimizing investment opportunities and expertise via consolidated management

• Securing investment monitoring by top-notch professionals in the field 

• Demonstrating to the wider community a commitment to fulfill your organization’s
mission in perpetuity

Below are supporting documents to help Organizations navigate services available through their Organizational Endowment:

Organizational Endowment Handbook

Table of Contents

• Legal Administration of the Fund
• Adherence to COF's Standards of Practice
• Investment Oversight: Sound Management of Assets
• Compliance with FASB Reporting Requirements
• Reporting
• Grant Distributions
• Unusual Circumstances
• Gift Receipting
• Acknowledgement of Gifts
• Building Your Endowment Fund
• Publicity
• Major Donor Gifting Options
• Fund Agreement Fees
• Organizational Endowment Fund Alternatives
• Donor Advised Grants & Deadlines
• Grantseeker Orientation Schedule/Enrollment
• Org Endowment Funds Contact Information
• Text to Give
• Sample Donation Card
• Donation Card Request Form
• Seeds of Growth
• Heritage Society

Appendix Listing

• Organizational Fund Agreement
• BCCF By-laws
• Investment & Spending Policy Statement
• BCCF Gift Acceptance Policies (revised Sept. 2016)
• IRA Charitable Rollover
• Charitable Gift Annuities Brochure
• Charitable Gift Annuities Brochure – Sample customized to organization
• BCCF Staff Biographies
• Fund Type Descriptions
• Benefits of an Organizational Endowment Fund



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